The white elephants in the attic

We all have purchased an expensive item that was going to change your lives, and make us rich and famous; as the initial excitement wares off, we are left with the realization that we have been duped by the clever advertising. Buyers regret follows, and the item is stored in the closet, garage, or attic. The art supply industry is firmly built on the promise that if you buy a certain item you will be transformed in to an artist; no formal training required.


How to avoid having an attic fool of white elephants.

When you decide to start a new venture, you should start with a minimalistic approach. You should asking two question. What is the least amount of equipment and consumables I am going to need? And can I see myself doing this in five year from now?



Calligraphy is one of the nicest, and easiest art forms to master. But it is an art from with the most white elephants. I have photographed some of the equipment and consumables in my pantry, to show you what you may come across. If you are a beginner to calligraphy, you don’t need any of these items. You only need four items. A home make pen, ink, paper, and a willingness to learn.



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