We all are calligraphers

“Can you teach me calligraphy”? This question is incumbent, as you are already a calligrapher! You started to be a calligrapher when you picked up a pencil, or pen, and started to learn you’re ABCs. The dictionary describes the word calligraphy as: 1. Beautiful handwriting. 2. handwriting; penmanship. Beautiful handwriting can be done with any pen, and with any ink. The correct way to start writing beautifully, is to say; I would like to learn how to write with a broad edge nib, or a copperplate nib.


Where to Start

A good place to start, is with the pen. You can make your own, or buy a fountain pen, or a dip pen. This is your decision. Now you have a broad edge pen; you need to learn to make marks with it. There is no fancy way of making marks, just put the pen on to the paper, and move it around. The more you do this the easier it gets, and the more familiar the pen becomes. When you are comfortable with the pen, and are making clear, and confident strokes you can start to look at fonts.

Starting to learn a font

The letters of a font are made up of individual strokes. The trick to learning a fort, is to break the font up into manageable parts. The first, is to identify the strokes that make up the letters. The second step is to learn the individual letters and there construction. And the third is the spacing of the letters.

The font that I have chosen for this blog is a type of half Uncial. Back in 2003 I was working on a calligraphy project, and the Half Uncial was not giving a uniform look. So I changed some of the letters. I called it Uncial A: I would like to shear it with you.

This is the full Alphabet





The individual strokes






This video demonstrates the individual strokes that make up a handwritten font. As well shows pen control.




3 Replies to “We all are calligraphers”

  1. 9th July 2017

    Thank you very much indeed for you close attention to my site.
    I hope, all being well, I shal be able to start wotk on my paintings of England, Scotland, Europe and, you have guessed it, Everywhere Else (world, globe, planet and any other sensible terms had all be taken). Then I will be able to get on with the Marine Pintings.
    There is never a dull moment.
    Chance to even think about picking up a pen would be really lovely.
    I caught sight of my old broad itallic pen the other day, so there is hope.

    Keep safe and well,

    Best wishes,



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